Gerrie Web API

This API is for private use and is not intended for general public use.

Please contact you Gerrie Account Manager or Gerrie Electric Head Office to begin a conversation about accessing our API and options.

Please follow these steps for troubleshooting before contacting us:

  1. Registration

    Ensure you have registered your systems with us, including up to date IP addresses of systems connecting to us. Typically you will be provided with an API access key and secret used to access our systems. You must ensure your IP is whitelisted or your request will fail.
  2. Proper Host Access and SSL

    Ensure you are using our single DNS entry, for accessing our API. All requests must be received to this DNS address. Any requests direct to our IP or via HTTP will be rejected. You must use SSL/TLS to access our API.
  3. API Status

    Please check the Status Page to check for API availability and possible issues.